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Get your booties on! Last year I paddled every month of the year in Boise. So far paddling Idaho has not been uncomfortable given how warm it has been. If you choose to keep paddling through the off season I have two recommendations: Invest in booties, wetsuit, and a splash top and/or schedule a Sunday morning paddle at the West YMCA. 

Nowadays booties come in many forms. Some are like neoprene high top tennis shoes while others are more like a neoprene sock. Both types work fine for standup paddling and prices range from $35 to $60. NRS makes a great inexpensive farmer john and farmer jane wetsuit for about 100 bucks. These have a zip up front and are sleeveless that allows great range of motion. A splashtop or splash jacket is a waterproof fabric top with neoprene neck, cuffs, and waist. These offer lots of room for layering fleece or even a jacket underneath. The idea is not to be completely water tight. One wants just enough waterproofing for an unexpected fall not long term water immersion. This outfit is relatively inexpensive, warm, and makes SUP a great winter sport. Idaho River Sports has NRS gear and special orders are no problem.

Another way to keep one's paddling skills fresh is to paddle under the dome. Well, it's not exactly a dome but the West YMCA offers SUP paddling and yoga on Sunday mornings in their very large pool area. The air and water is warm and tropical. It has to be the best mini SUP vacation in the world. Check the West Y for times and availability. These are set up as classes but you don't have to be a beginner to take advantage. Just tell the instructor you already know the sport or maybe hang out and learn to improve your pivot turn. SUP yoga is for all levels and offers a great waterborne stretch. These classes run under the radar at the Y so be patient with the Y staff when you call. Classes are crazy cheap at about $12 and you don't have to be a member.

My next update will be in early Spring. I'm thinking about adding some river paddling classes as well as remote classes to locations outside of Idaho. 

Stand up paddling is much more fun when you know a few tricks. Learn five different turns, how to do your best stroke, and how to get a promised (see below copy) full-body-work-out. You learn to SUP with the best paddleboards on the market and professional stand up paddling instruction at very affordable prices. Stand Up and Paddle works in concert with Idaho River Sports shop adjacent to Quinn's pond. Come try! An hour and a half lesson is only $37 and includes everything. That's only a few dollars more than renting a board with no lesson!  In addition I cover all the basics about boards and paddles, a little history of the sport, and water safety. On top of all that...we have a whole lot of fun in the process. 

A standup paddle board promotes balance, core strength, and general fitness while having fun and enjoying the outdoors. The exercise is a resistance workout that strengthens core muscles. Because you paddle standing up, the sport offers a head to toe bilateral exercise that is hard to match. Sandup paddle boarding is a fun way to keep moving and get in shape. Don't worry about a balancing act! If you have the balance to ride a bike, you CAN stand up paddle board.

One of the best things in life is to share knowledge about something you love.  Stand Up Paddling in Boise gives me an opportunity to do just that. You can paddle along side friends and chat, enjoy the challenge of distance paddles and races, or give yourself a full body workout without a gym.  One of my favorite things to do is to take my dog Zeus on a paddle. Stand up paddle board is a traveling skill you can take with you on your next vacation. If you ever had a dream of surfing, this is your best gateway to that sport. Idaho has some great water to paddle from here in the valley to the mountain lakes and rivers that surround us. We would enjoy helping you learn a new skill, and maybe, your new passion!